Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sydney Body Art Ride

So here i am in silver making my big exit into the world of body art at the Sydney Body Art Ride. All for a deserving charity... well yes... that and the $5o bet I made with Therese. The day was heaps of fun although I did sense some irony in that we were standing out in the sun for three hours in an event that was to raise money for a cancer charity. As a ride marshall, I only dealt with one irate car driver (4WD of course). Everyone else loved the spectacle. Going for a swim at Maroubra was just the best. Felt like I was in some strange religious festival as 200+ coloured cyclists ran into the water to wash off their painted bodies.

If your reading this T, the check can be made out to:

Children's Cancer Institute Australia
PO Box 81
Randwick NSW 2031


MerJa Media said...

Thanks for coming along and being one of our Marshals, so glad you had a good time. BTW the paint is 100% UV proof so no cases of sunburn reported yet. Lucky the ride wasn't today, would have been a total wash out.

MerJa Media said...

Photo of you on flickr

Adrian said...

Thanks Sydney Body Art Ride, your right, the paint was UV proof.I've just got to watch those bald spots on my receding hairline. Thanks also for the photo link. I'm looking forward to next years ride.