Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random thoughts

I have finally discovered bloglines ( yeah. I'm a bit slow with these things) and have been keeping a sharper eye on the blogsphere. Recently my favourite posts have been coming from a blog called Bike Snob NYC. This blogger ruthlessly rips into all things in fixed-geared bike culture. Check it out for a good laugh. I absolutely love this piss take on this picture (left) from fixgeargallery.

This morning was my first ride in two weeks since having the flu. I did the usual 35km circuit to Uni and back. The most interesting thing that happened was I rode through the middle of a swam of wasps. Luckly I had glasses on. I've been feeling very slow and I didn’t even push it into the big chain ring. I’m feeling a little bit anxious about my fitness. I've also have some soar knee problems but they seem to have improved since I stopped riding the single speed (up nasty hills) and started taking fish oil tablets with glucosamine. In one month from now I’m going to be doing the Grafton to Inverell race (again). So, this Sunday I'm going to start training with the first of some long training rides out of Sydney. I intend to go West Head for lunch then I'll ride back to Manly. I estimate I really need to do around 800km in the next few weeks to prepare for the race.

(35km down / 765km to go)

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