Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ken Dinnerville Memorial Handicap

On Sunday, I did my third open road race at the Ken Dinnerville Memorial Handicap at Dapto. The race was a 90km handicap where the field was divided in at least 6 different groups sent off at different time handicaps. We had 14 riders from Dulwich Hill split across different groups. It was a quite exciting race and there were a few points when I was leading the race during the second lap of the course. My favourite moment was coming over the Marshal Mount Hill on the second lap. I was at third wheel and it was a huge buzz to see so many spectators crowed along the road cheering us on just like some of the mountain stages in the TdF. I managed to stay with the winning group of riders for most of the race but got dropped on my third and final ride over Marshal Mount Hill. The lessons learned were to always stay as close to the front if you have any hope of being a contender. Secondly, to climb hills at those speeds, I need to cut some junk from my trunk.


Surly Dave said...

Wow, Dulwich Hill. I used to race track with them back in the mid 1980s on the old Camperdown velodrome. I understand it's gone now. Such a shame, though it was a pretty rugged track.

Adrian said...

Yeap, Camperdown was closed in 1998 and before that, the club trained at Henson Park which was also demolished. We seem to be very good at loosing velodromes in Sydney.