Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cycle Touring Photo Exhibition

Mystery tour: An invitation of submit images to an exhibition of cycle touring photography

Anyone who has toured by bicycle knows that it's often the unexpected encounters and unplanned detours that become the highlights of a cycle tour. At a suitable distance, even the challenge of overcoming a mechanical breakdown in the middle of nowhere, can become a tale of ingenuity and heroic triumph.
For this exhibition, we are asking you to dig a little deeper into your collections of cycle touring images (no sunsets or posing with road signs) to reveal some of those unexpected moments. We are looking for images that document chance meetings with friendly (or unfriendly) locals; bush-mechanic-style innovation in the face of mechanical tragedies and magical places discovered by getting totally lost. Images selected for the exhibition will be printed as oversized postcards with the photographer's statement on the back.

SUBMIT: UP TO 10 LOW RES JPEG IMAGES [1mb each] FOR PREVIEW. Each photograph should be accompanied by a short statement (max. 20 words) about the image.�
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, September 12 2008
EMAIL TO: fcurve@gmail.com
Selected photographers will be asked to submit high resolution files at a later date. Prints not required.

'road' - is a series of art shows tying in with the International Bicycle Film Festival, bought to you by BIKESydney and Cheeky Transport.

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