Wednesday, December 03, 2008


The public consultation on the proposed Union Street cycleway finished today. I took this time lapse photography of the current intersection just for prosperity. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to take a new clip when the new cycleway is built.

Its a very exciting time to see some real changes begin to occur and slowly fill in some of the missing links across the city. Here are some pics of the soon to be finished King Street cycleway. King street has always been a major missing link in creating any east-west cycle network across the city.

Very soon, cyclists will no longer have to merge up the hill with 4 lanes of fast moving traffic turning off the Darling Habour expressway overpass.

Talk of the cycleways has been all through the print media and radio this week. Of course the Telegraph and its readers have been going off with the usual anti-cyclist tirade. One has to wonder what has happened to journalistic ethics when reporters begin news articles with sentences such as:
THEY are the bane of motorists everywhere and now they're set for an even bigger share of the city's roads.
Thank God the DT has warned its readers that the cycling-folkdevil is out on the streets and its coming to get them!

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