Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bicycles for Humanity

I've been rattling the can for the last few days in support of Bicycles For Humanity. The organisation collects and repairs old bikes and sends them to developing countries. They are currently half way to raising $10000 to send a shipping container with 400 bikes to Namibia. The container will then be transformed into a bicycle workshop and an opportunity for employment.

I'm hoping to raise $1000 by swimming the 2km Cole Classic at Manly Beach in three weeks. If you'd like to sponsor me and support Bicycles for Humanity, please go to my page at everydayhero.com.au. I'm grateful to see so many friends have already kicked in and I'm almost a third of the way there.

Now, I better head off to the pool!!!

1 comment:

Cecelia said...

would love to support and come to the pool with you sometime (to work off cheese and european xmas and nye) but will also bring cash money to the cause