Monday, December 18, 2006


Before getting to work on the bike I went to Bunnings where I bought a new 16mm and 14mm spanners, sandpaper, plastic gloves, safety glasses and a can of WD40. I tried to get some new bolts for the rims but quickly learned that some of these parts you can only get from a bike shop. I then went to my bike shop where I picked up some new bolts, a chain breaker tool, and a new chain. I started by removing the seat post, the handle bars, the chain and peddles. I would have taken the crank and the fork off but I don't have the tools to do this yet. I cleaned the bike with some degreaser getting rid of all of the gunk that had built up on the frame and around the crank. I started to sand the frame taking off some of the paint and rust but unfortunately I got the wrong type of stand paper (it was a wet paper and too fine grade). According to Randy I should use steel wool but I still think I also need some type of cleaning agent to help take the rust off. I put the rims back on the bike and tried to space the bolts and washers out on the hub so that the rim would be aligned correctly between the rear dropouts. Unfortunately the hub had seized up and couldn't get it to spin freely. I tried to put the chain on but it 9 links too short. I had hoped to get the bike running by the end of the day but it wasn't to be.

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