Friday, December 22, 2006


I spoke too soon when I said the bike was operational on Tuesday. When riding back from the internet cafe I slamed the break on when a car pulled infront of me and nearly didn't stop in time. The rear wheel locked up and slid out of the dropout with the tire stuck against the frame. I almost had an accident. In the last few days I've been in a cranky mood which has may me wonder about the etymology of 'crank'. I punctured two tubes this week because I'd lost my tire levers (for the second time this year!). I made the fatal mistake of using a screw drive to put the tires back on. Dispite this glitch I still made some progres by replacing the pin in the crank arm. I also got the correct part to attach the rear hub to the chainstay to stop the wheel from shifting out of the rear dropout. I have also removed the light bracket from the headset so I can drop the handle bars down racer style. However the stem is too low so it looks funny but hopefully I'll be able to find a better headset when I go back at the Nunnery bike workshops in January.

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