Friday, April 13, 2007

Improving workplace facilities for cyclists

(Image from SMH online)

While I havn't seen the details, I was pleased to hear that a commercial development has just been approved with the purpose of raising the standards of ecologically sound development in the city. The development will be called Workplace6 and it will be located in Pymont near the Casino. The "6" in "Workplace6" refers to the "6 green star" rating of the Green Building Council of Australia. Amongst the many design measures adopted in the development I was most pleased to see the following sentence:
The building's premium amenities will include showers and change rooms with lockers, 135 secure car spaces and 120 bicycle racks.
Now thats the kind of bike to car spaces ratio that I like to see. The development will be something to be admired but the critical issue is whether the planning legislation will follow it.

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