Thursday, May 10, 2007


For the last year I’ve been harassing my sister (and everyone else I know) to join the bikelove cult. Unfortunately, she and her husband had their bikes stolen around 2 years ago and have not been in the position to fork out for new bikes. So what to do? After reassessing my stable, I decided it was time to let go. That black Trek mountain bike that I’d bought for a few hundred dollars was way too small for me but perfect for Ellie, and a perfect present for her 30th b'day. I also noticed that my 1 year old nephew (Josh) had taken a liking to the bike and would always crawl across the room to touch it (much to our concern).
Last week we took the Trek up to Ashfield Cycles to get it fitted out to become a “OneLess4WDmum” machine. With a new childs seat, helmet, rack, and womens saddle, the conversion was complete. Yesterday we took teddy out for a quick spin to build up Ellie's confidence on the new bike. Today we took Josh out for his first bike ride.

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