Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fix this...

I never thought I’d join in on the fixie craze (having BikeSnobNYC as one of my favourite cycling blogs), but missing out on the Dulwich Hill Fixie Century (i.e. 160km) was enough to send me over the edge. What I like don’t like about fixies is there high fashionista morphing into ‘art concepts’, the cycling wankery of ‘no derailer’ purity, nor the ‘no break’ rebel antics of look at me skid …‘mum’!. In my mind, breaks are a wonderful things and they should be used wisely. Nevertheless, what I do like about fixies is that they teach you to ride in a much more efficient way. Like track bikes in general, your power comes from spinning and not wobbling your weight all over the bike. There is a good reason that so many cycling champions of yesterday would use a fixie as an essential part of their training program. So what to do? Luckily, a generous soul has passed on this old steel frame to me. Its an Apollo IV. I think its from the 70s. It has funny decals that make it look like it was made during the space race. The fame is made out of Tange Champion 2 steel which suggests that’s it’s fairly good quality. It certainly doesn’t weight that much. Now, I just need to find all the other bits and pieces. It looks like its going to another project for summer.

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