Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend happy snaps

On Friday night I headed over to the DoG Hotel in Randwick for drinks with some old friends. It was bloody wet and I came across this beauty parked out the front. A sparkling new Terry Dolan track frame converted into an urban fixie. Gosh, I wondered to myself... it is this what they call a pub bike out here?

Sunday morning on the Gong ride. It was crazy, crazy, crazy... 8000 cyclists of varying abilities all heading off down some steep, wet and windy descents. It was chaotic and I saw a few serious crashes around Waterfall. The weather was terrible until we hit Sutherland and then it cleared up and was perfect for the rest of the day.

Sunday arvo... post DHBC fixie century drinks at the Concordia Club Tempe. In the photo, Ron shows of his beautiful J.C. Higgins bike cirica ???, we'll its old. My favorite part of the bike is the oil cap on the lugs around the bottom bracket.

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