Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello Apollo

The Apollo IV has finally launched off the ground. Here are some photos from my maiden voyage around Sydney Olympic Park this morning. The fixie is a lot of fun to ride but you have to think a lot more about what your doing. I've found it particularly fun on the uphills where despite a lack of gears, I seem to be able to generate a lot more speed as the momentum is kept spinning through the fixed wheel.
I started this project with one thing in mind. To build a fixie for as little money as possible. I didn't quite get under my budget of $200, but I came very close. I've been grateful to have many people help out by giving me all the bits and pieces I needed and in Lindsay's amazing generosity in building it up for me. Here is the breakdown of the costs.

Frame: given (Chris)
Crankset: given (Chris)
Fork: given (Mike via Huw)
Headset: given (Lindsay)
Stem: given (Lindsay)
Drop bars: given (Lindsay)
Sprocket: given (Lindsay)
Front wheel: given (Lindsay)
Break hoods and callipers: given (Lindsay)
Seat post: given (Lindsay)
Saddle: owned
Pedals: owned
Track hub: $15 (an amazing bargain from Al Summers)
Velocity rear track rim: $90 (from Al Summers)
Tires: $80
Bottom bracket: $40
Chain: $25
Bar tape: $15
Lindsay’s work putting it all together: priceless
Total cost: $265

Update see :


Unknown said...

everyone knows red bikes go faster

Grant said...

Looks lean and speedy. Nice. What's your gearing?

Adrian said...

40T chainring on 15T cog (or 72 inches). I wouldn't go any higher than that if your planning to go up any hills.

Adrian Tritschler said...

*chuckle* Back in about 1979 in high school me and some mates had Apollo II bikes, we all wanted the Apollo III because they were better 'n cool 'n more expensive. The Apollo IV was just so good that the bike shops didn't have them at all!

My old Apollo II was stolen in 1983, I replaced it with an Apollo III, that got stolen in 1991. Keep the IV on a leash!

Adrian said...

thanks for the advice. I didn't realise the Apollo IV was a sort after bike... but hopefully no else will either.

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