Sunday, December 02, 2007

Nov 30-Dec 2 - A Cycling Odyssey

This weekend has been amazing. There were cycling events happening everywhere showing the amazing diversity of cycling culture. Here are a few happy snaps from the weekend.

Friday night - Critical Mass Bridge Ride

(Photo by Moz)
It was a pretty good turn out but not quiet as big as last year. I got to have fun towing the sound system trailer which had been lent to me for the evening. As we rolled into the middle of the bridge for a bike lift I was pleased to hear Jill Scott Heron's The revolution will not be televised pumped out of the sound system. After, that we headed out for dinner then onto the Bicycle Film Festival for more cycling madness. It was fun cruzin home at midnight with stero still pumping out tunes much to the amusement of many onlookers.

Saturday Avro: Bike Film Festival
I went back to the BFF on Saturday avro. I caught a few more films and had some fun helping out at the bicycle valet parking. There certainly were some interesting bikes on show. The rows of amazing bikes had become something of an event in itself and there were people crowding round the barriers just to look at them.

Sunday Morning
I somehow managed to get out of bed on Sunday for my regular ride out to Waterfall with DHBC. I hadn't done it for a while, but it was great to get a solid 80kms in before breakfast.

Sunday Avro - World Track Championships
After the Waterfall ride, I rode straight out to Dunc Gray Velodrome to watch the World Track Championships with Huw and Simon. It was the most impressive cycling I'd ever seen. I watched the finals of the women's Keiran, Mens sprints, the womens team pursuits and the amazing Madison final. Just amazing.

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