Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For the love of cars

Just saw this report in SBS news.

China is the world’s greatest cycling nation where most people are too poor own a car, but not for much longer it seems. Sure, its progress, right? Why let a hypocritical and privileged western mindset judge who can have what and what’s right and wrong in this new economy? Its communist-capitalism and equality by market forces. Then I wonder, what rights will Chinese cyclists have amongst this burgeoning car culture? Clearly I need to be better informed and not just imagine that they are in the process of being seriously screwed. Maybe it isn’t as bad as it is here. It’s probably a lot better, if were talking about a numbers game. I'm sure no cyclists in China gets accused of not paying rego! However, this report seems to reveal a certain truth about car culture. That is, it's not about mobility or getting from A to B. For many it’s about status, its a metallic peacock parade of sorts. Automotive frisson, the need for speed. Faster... faster. This is freedom, equality and liberty.

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