Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is David Byrne the Mao Zedong of bike culture?

In a previous post, I flagged the idea that Talking Heads lead man – David Byrne – might provide something of a musical accompaniment to a post-automobile society. Little did I know that David Byrne is actually something of a cyclist and bicycle advocate (thanks to Michelle for tipping me off). In fact I’m now wondering if DB is actually the artistic mastermind behind the international development of bike culture. Reading his online diary, you can see that Bynre has become the doyen of bike culture as well offering his own artistic skills to designing New York's bicycle racks. In fact, all he seems to do in is life is to ride his bike, travel and go to gallery openings.

On Youtube, Byrne can also be found narrating his own journey as a NY cyclist.

While in a Streetsfilms video clip, he can be seen hanging out with cool NY cyclists as well as 'Subcomandante' Enrique Peñalosa, the Mayor of Bogota. A coincidence that these two men are together? I think not.

Could Byrne be the secret force spreading the velorution?
In the words of one fallen comrade, El socialismo purde llegar solo en biciceta


Anonymous said...

Always thought Byrnie was special, even from the first time I saw TH on Countdown circa 1981.

Once in a lifetime indeed!

Adrian said...

Yes. Byrnie is very special indeed. Notice how he even manages to turn up at gallery openings with no traces of a crinkled shirt or helmet hair. Magic!

Anonymous said...

The Big Suit may of been an issue in the past. Unless of course he was being draft boy out the front & cutting a hole in the air.