Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cigarettes and Gasoline

Reading the Herald a two days ago I came across this article about the measures many motorists are taking to save money on fuel. One of the most strange or amusing comments came from the pensioner Solomis Lazaris who was quoted as saying:
"There's one good thing about the price of petrol - I've had to give up smoking so I can drive my car."
Good on Solomis for kicking his smoking habit. However, the funny thing about his statement was it seemed to suggest that in his own psychic economy, he needed petrol far more than cigarettes. Anyone who has spent time with a cigarette addict knows that giving up is no small thing. We know scientifically that it takes around 8 seconds for nicotene to travel from the lungs to the brain switching various neurotransmitters that produce pleasurable and highly addictive dopamine. However, it seems that the effects that oil has on our minds and bodies is something that we are still collectively struggling to understand. I wonder if it will be the price of food that is the next big thing forcing us to kick the oil habit? By hey, there'll still be plenty for those who can afford it.

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