Monday, June 02, 2008

One thousand words

This image sends shivers down my spine. The driver was apparently drunk and had fallen asleep at the wheel. Full story in today's SMH. (Warning: this link contains a disturbing picture).


ChrisS said...

I know you mean well, but that image could come with a warning or be posted under a fold. Despite doing a lot of media monitoring relating to cycling safety, incidents and dealing with shitty attitudes over the years, the horror of that image is very distressing for me, and no doubt for others as well.

Adrian said...

Thanks Chris. You're right. I should have made a warning.

I just read more of the Tele comments online.,22058,23802024-5001021,00.html
A morbid thing to do, I know, but this is beyond a joke. Have written to media watch again and I hope they act this time.

ChrisS said...

Go with taking screenshots of all the comments, mark the offensive ones clearly and send to the media outlet, also follow the guidelines here. We must perceive!

Surly Dave said...

It's a profoundly disturbing image. So very sad.