Saturday, July 05, 2008

DHBC Omnium No2

Yesterday, the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club held its second ‘Omnium’ track event. Unfortunately I couldn’t race as I’d just come down with the flu, but I offered to help by holding the riders in position before the whistle blew. With no prior training, I was pleased not to drop anyone.

An impressive turnout saw four new riders (three of whom were women) decide to give the track a go. It reminded me of the first time I rode on the track just over a year ago. Within almost 5 second, my sense of riding was transform from complete terror to exhilaration as I rode up the steep bank of the velodrome in the knowledge that as long as I kept pedaling I would not fall.


David Killick said...

Just out of interest, where was this held? It looks a lot like the old Camperdown Velodrome, but I heard that was demolished.

Adrian said...

This is Tempe velodrome, just on the Cooks River near Tempe station. Its the only open-air banked velodrome in Sydney. The way things are going it might be the only banked velodrome in all of Sydney as well. Dunc Gray is a bit of a financial white elephant and there is talk of turning it into a hospital. There is also the Lidcombe Oval track but it's not banked.