Tuesday, July 08, 2008

it'z meh shimano

My cat Augie has seems to be developing some attachment issues with my cycling clothing. Notice his claws are sprung out over my jersey. I am no cat therapist nor a pet detective, but I do sense that perhaps my cycling clothes are filling what Donald Winnicott called the transitional object, i.e. that little objective thing that stands in for ‘me’ as a defence against Augie’s catty anxieties about my absence. I wonder what kind of anxieties cats have? For instance, ‘will I get feed this morning or will I stave again because my nasty owner has been up late watching the Tour?’. I’ve also wondered if Augie may have an inter-species personality disorder for he is the most dog-like cat I’ve ever known. Cats are meant to be flighty and indifferent but Augie constantly demands love and attention. Or perhaps this is just another case of my own anthropomophic projections. What kind of owner would do that? Seriously.

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drossolalia said...

He can haz lycra? Kthx.