Monday, November 03, 2008


On Saturday, I went out to Peter Bundy cycles in Riverwood to pick up some steel track bars for my track bike. I've also upgraded the bike with a very comfy fizek saddle and some Conti supersonic tyres that are rated to 145psi. Its amazing how little you have to do to turn a bike from feeling ordinary to just amazing.

Later in the day I raced at Tempe as part of Dulwich Hill's Omunium series. It was not the best turn out with many people put off by the threat of rain, but we still had a great time. I discovered that my best event is the 3000m time trial in which I was second fastest in a time off (I think) 4mins 28secs (not that anyone was going to beat Simon). I hope to put more energy in to track racing in the future. Racing at Dunc Gray through winter has been great fun although the food at the Handle Bar Tavern leaves something to be desired. I find road riding a bit boring. Its very expensive when you consider the money and time costs that go into it. Most Opens are way out of Sydney taking up the entire weekend and I do like to have time for other things. At the opens, many of the Pro crews turn up in there big buses and don't really engage the commoner/club racer. However, the track has a much more convivial spirit. You race, have some fun, race again, watch the elite riders do their thing, then head out for food and drinks. Its not like you need a bus load of bikes and a support crew to be a trackie.

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