Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oulipo One

Come all ye crazy...

Sat 22 Nov, 10am-2pm | Meet Newtown Square, outside the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

The French Oulipo are a colborating group of writers and mathematicians who use mathematical constraints to produce experimental writing. The results are often unusual and surprisingly beautiful. In homage to the Oulipo, we will be guided by a logarithmic spiral as we explore the city by bike. Bring your video or still camera or collect findings as you go. There will be an opportunity to publish and share our experiences of the ride online. We'll ride to the nearest train station when we finish at 2pm.

Ride type: experimental - roads, paths, laneways, alleyways, underpasses - whatever
Distance: no idea
Speed: leisurely with lots of stops - this ride is really about the journey
Oddness factor: high
Weather prediction: BOM predicts chance of showers and wind - we'll ride unless it buckets
Bring: your lunch or some money for a feed/coffee along the way, your camera, zip lock bags to collect stuff, a sense of curiosity

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