Sunday, November 02, 2008

Road exhibition

The Bicycle Film Festival's Road Exhibition officially kicked off on Saturday night with a cheeky fashion show in May's Lane St Peters. Check out Sydney Body Art Ride for a full review of the evening including some interesting dealings with the police. There is also some youtube film floating around from the night.

There are three more bike art events kicking off this week, including the Mystery Tour exhibition which I attempted to get in (but failed!). The details are below:

Tuesday 4 Nov 4:30-7pm | Road: Works
Regard Gallery | 372 Wilson Street, Darlington
Oil paintings, prints and sketches by Gilbert Grace inspired by the Sydney
Green Ring. Sneak a preview at

Wednesday 5 Nov 5:30-8pm | Road: Mystery Tour
Cheeky Transport | 3a Georgina Street, Newtown.
Bike touring photographs with a twist.

Thursday 6 Nov 6-9pm | Road: Rode
At the Vanishing Point | 565 King Street, Newtown
Over 30 participating artists. Diverse mediums including painting,
sculpture, jewellery, installation, video, photography and interactive new
media. Spread the bicycle love around.

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